Louise Jennings

Louise Jennings is a South African ceramist and painter based in Hilton Village, KwaZulu-Natal. 

“… still life as subject matter is an opportunity to explore my history and links to my past. In my paintings and ceramics I aim to capture the quietness and sacredness of each object. I choose purposeful objects, each with their own history and domestic appeal. 

My latest ceramics behave as installations, drawings in space or 'paintings' if you prefer. They happen as a collective thought process and are carefully planned so as to work together. They can be landscapes, still lifes or portraits. Although subtle and quiet they command a contemplative gaze. They can sit on a shelf, become a tablescape, fit on a window sill or fill a wall. The beauty of collections is that they are forever changing but the permanence of the material, ceramic, is what makes them permanent”  

The Studio

The studio is situated at Louise’s home in Hilton Village, KwaZulu-Natal. Louise leads the production process as her creative practice, while also managing and marketing the studio and her wares. Ivin Molefe assists with production of tableware. When the ceramics studio is quiet Louise can be found in the painting studio creating still lifes inspired by ceramics and the craft objects in her collection.